10 MOST Profitable Business Ideas in 2020

 10 Most Profitable Business Ideas in 2020
Hey, what’s going on everybody? My name is Marissa and today we’re talking about the 10 most profitable business ideas that you could be starting up in 2020.

Now, let me just preface this video with some of these businesses are really cool, more like solopreneur businesses where you know you would be doing something one-on-one, providing some type of one-on-one help for somebody, or this is like a bigger picture agency type business where there are a lot of moving parts, you might need to hire employees. So there’s a little bit of everything, but I know you guys are going to like the ideas I have coming up in this video so make sure you stay to the end of this video and if you get any value at all please give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. It helps us deliver value videos to you every single week. Alright, so let’s go ahead and get started. Alright, so profitable business number one is a drone pilot. So you may be thinking “Well, what do you mean by this So so many businesses out there need drone footage of their staff, themselves, their employees, their real estate or commercial buildings, and drone footage is getting more and more popular to businesses that need different video marketing and advertisements for their commercials or their paid ads that they’re running to their businesses. So what you can do as a drone pilot Well, first, in the US at least, if you wanted to fly around commercially and not just for recreational use you’ll have to get our drone license, but after that, there are lots of people that I know that have drone businesses doing marketing for other people that they make anywhere from twenty to forty thousand dollars per year on the side.

And so they film things such as events, weddings, stuff for real estate agents, houses, people that are also involved in commercial real estate, people that need videos of their apartment buildings and stuff like that.They are in really high demand and so I just wanted to emphasize the point that not only do those types of businesses need drone footage, but also smallsolopreneurs like myself or smaller influencers who need drone footage and flyaway shots from them doing lifestyle stuff. So almost every place that I moved to, because I’m a digital nomad, I look for somebody like drone pilot who could work with me for an hour or two and give me the drone footage that they shoot of me so that I could use it for my branding.So definitely look into that business, it’s a lower upfront cost, I know it’s not free, but you will obviously need to buy a drone and invest in getting your license and certificate, but after that’s a pretty low startup cost that could be a big, big profitable business after you get these things achieved. The second profitable business that we’re talking about here is charging electric scooters.

 Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re like “Marissayou only get paid a couple bucks to charge a scooter” and I’m like “I know, don’t worry, let me tell you another way that you can go about it that will make you a whole lot more money.” So the other day when I was visiting friends and family in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona I actually saw something very interesting that I thought I have to share with you. So there was a u-haul truck that I saw and it was transporting a bunch of electric scooters. I’m like”Huh that’s interesting.” So that person, what they did is every so often, a couple of times a week, they rent a u-haul truck and they actually collect all of these scooters, right? And so even though it’s only a couple of bucks, I think depending on the company you can earn between five to ten dollars scooter, don’t quote me on that, but if you’re collecting all of this scooter you could make several hundred dollars, even a thousand dollars in a night collecting all these scooters and charging them. But the thing that you have to be careful with is that it is not your company. Obviously, these scooters belong to a bigger company but it is definitely a way more of a side-hustle if you can do this and collect as many scooters as you can a few times a month or maybe a few times a week you can definitely expect a big paycheck after you do so.

 Alright, so the third business we’re talking about here today is with YouTube. So I made an entire video recently about six side hustles that you can do with YouTube, so whether you’re a YouTube creator, or if you’re on another side of YouTube and helping out YouTube channels, I definitely would check out that video after this video. But essentially what I talked about was if you are YouTube creator first off, it’s going to skyrocket sales and leads and whatever it is you want to grow within your own business that you have right now, but not only that, on the other side if you’re a creator there’s a lot of opportunities to help out YouTubers. So a lot of creators need YouTube channel managers, a lot of YouTubers need people to learn paid advertising and run YouTube ads, so there’s a lot of ways to get paid with that if you are thinking of starting an online business of any type, you must get on YouTube because it will help explode your business like crazy and you don’t need a million subscribers, you don’t need millions of views every single week, you can absolutely crush it and grow racing fans even with a small audience.

Trust me, there are students that I coached last year that hit six figures and they only had at the time like 2000 or something subscribers which doesn’t take much time at all to build. And so a lot of time people are like “Well, I don’t have a nice camera, and I don’t have all this fancy equipment,” trust me, I started with this iPhone right here, well an older version of the iPhone of course, and something like this, just a little tiny tripod to record on my iPhone, and that is all you need. That is literally all you need nowadays, is a smartphone to start your YouTube channel and to start giving value on this platform. I do have several videos, as a matter of fact, an entire playlist, on growing a youtube channel from scratch and I’ll be doing an upcoming video, so again make sure you’re subscribed, but it does not take that much. If you have a smartphone and you have the capacity to post four times a month, that is something that is definitely incorporate-able, then you could start a YouTube channel, and I just recently crossed, as a matter of fact, nine thousand nine hundred dollars in my Google Adsense revenue. So just from producing content on this platform, I have a passive income check of over nine-thousand dollars every single month and so if you guys are interested in learning way more about YouTube go ahead and check out my subscribers to sales blueprint which walks you through everything step-by-step, that’ll be the first link in the description of this video. Alright, so the fourth profitable business that we’re going to talk about today is meal prepping and healthy fast food, and so why is this so important? Because I find that I’m demanding this for myself in every single place that I moved to, again because I moved frequently to different cities, sometimes in the US but the majority of the time it’s been outside the US, but what do I love to not do? Cook! I absolutely hate cooking, I don’t know why but it’s something that I just don’t enjoy doing.

Can I cook? Yeah, a little bit, I make my breakfast but I prefer to not think about cooking the rest of the day and that is where healthy fast food and meal prep companies come in because I’m somebody who loves to keep track of what I eat, I like to track my macros, so I track my protein, carbs, and the amount of fat that eat every single day and there’s lots of meal prepping companies out there bigger cities, but there’s definitely a huge need for meal prepping companies in smaller cities so definitely consider it if fitness and nutrition and, obviously, cooking and getting a team together that will help prepare the meals is something that interests you because it is something that is in very, very high demand. People like myself need healthy food and food on the go and food that could be basically on demand so they don’t have to worry about cooking in the kitchen, washing dishes, worrying about what am I going to eat next because that is all something that could be eliminated by a meal prepping company that you would start. And so the reason I do know that this is in really high demagndis because right now I’m actually in Medellin, Colombia, and there are really normal prepping companies here. I think I found one, but they weren’t really responsive at all, their customer service sucked, but back when I was in Oxnard, California for the holidays there was only like 1 meal prepping company out of Oxnard, California which has a population of 400,000 people, not very big like LAand some of these suburb cities. They have a high demand for these meal prep companies.

 The next profitable business that you can do in 2020 is to build sales funnels or to become a sales funnel building agency, or even asolopreneur, however, you want to do it. And so the idea is that you would prepare or build out sales funnels for different people, which is always going to be in demand, I mean, hands down and in this video where I talk about where I’d start if I was broke and online, I break down what exactly is a sales funnel. You can check out the explanation if you’re still unsure of what it is. Long story short, it’s a way to convert visitors to leads and then to sales fora company. So, for example, any online creator like myself, we have sales funnels so that we can capture leads and that’s so we can make money in your online businesses for selling digital products, physical products, whatever it is and so there are many, many different sales funnel builders out there and if you learn one or two or have the flexibility to learn whichever on somebody wants you to learn, you could make a lot of money for preparing these sales funnels for people, and it is not hard. It’s not like learning programming some difficult coding language, it’s very user friendly. Anyone can do it, I can do it but I just don’t have the time to do it, so that is why in my business I had to hire a sales funnel expert to help me with this job and so eventually, when you start out, you can do this work for small businesses or solopreneurs and maybe get five clients and maybe you’re earning between four to five thousand dollars per month with those clients, and then your monthly service and rates will only go up from thereafter you continue to get good reviews and more and more clients and you can charge more the more complex the funnels get. Maybe you’re building upsells and downsells for people,

 which is basically when someone buys a low ticket offer, let’s say they buy a seven dollar ebook, an upsell would mean like “Do you want to a book a one-on-one coaching session with me?” And so that is an upselling the funnel, and that happens automatically. And so you would set that up, so you would learn something like Clickfunnels, you would learn software like Kartra, which are all sales funnel builders and you would help out these businesses. Alright, so coming in at number six, the next profitable business is a chatbot expert. So most business owners, we’re going with this example again with solopreneurs, influencers like myself, you can set up a messenger flow, I think it is, for them and learn how to do messenger marketing and setup chatbots within their Facebook fan page. And so you would learn a system called Manychat, which is actually free to get started, but for the creator, I think if they want to do the paid version of Manychat, it’s like 10 bucks month, but the point is you had set up messenger bots, like funnels for them, it’s called flow, and so if somebody opts into their messenger sequence then it takes them through a different series of automated things. It could lead them with a bot through an entire conversation and it could take them to opt-in to a sales funnel, it gets really fun. I actually don’t have this in the business right now because it takes a while to learn but it’s not, again, it’s like sales funnels, it’s not very complicated, but the reason why many business owners and solopreneurs want messenger botting is that it is powerful because, as opposed to email marketing, with messenger marketing the open rate is like 70% as opposed to email marketing when you send out an email blast the if you’re lucky, the open rate is around 20%. So if you learn how to create these messenger flows and sequences for these businesses, they can pay you a lot of money.

I know a guy, he has a youtube channel all-around messenger botting and that’s exactly what he does. He creates messenger flows and sequences for businesses and it helps them sell their offers like crazy and they, therefore, pay him a whole lot of money. He has a six-figure business just doing messenger botting for other people. Alright, coming in at number 7 for the next profitable business in 2020, it is a working space. So this is something I would actually love to do, so you could create a co-working space, which is a business model that is going to be very high demand forever, for a long period of time, because more and more people are starting to work from home. Again, when I was in Scottsdale about a couple months ago I went to this place, it was called Schmooze, and the coolest thing about Schmooze, besides its name, was it was like a co-working and coffee shop and a restaurant all in one, however people weren’t loud and noisy and there wasn’t like babies crying like sometimes you get at the coffee shop or Starbucks or whatever, but it was this like really amazing co-working space where people could come together work silently, even collaborate because they had like different sections where you could meet as a group, and I loved it. And so, again, every time I travel I look for an aco-working space where I can go concentrate and also get out of the house, but also I wanted to have fast Wi-Fi so that I can get my work done efficiently and upload big files to my team and stuff like that. And so, again, I use the example of my home town, when I was home for Christmas in Oxnard, California there was only one co-working space in that whole entire city.

 I was like “Seriously?” I looked at the website, and I’m like “I could do way better than this-working, it looks so boring” and I’m like “Man, their seats don’t even look comfortable.” That is a great, great, great, business that is going to be in very high demand, is to start a co-working space. One last thing I wanted to mention about co-working is that one of the best ones I’ve been to, if not the best, was back in Bali, Indonesia when I was there when I first started my digital nomad journey and what I loved about it, this it was a co-working called DojoBali, what I loved about it is they had events and they had meetups and different activities that brought people close together so it was like a big mastermind. So every single week they’d have meetups about different topics and entrepreneurs and business owners would share their advice and different things so it was really, really, really cool so that’s another thing that you can add to our co-working space, is an element that is different from the rest. Alright, so coming in at number eight, this one’s a little bit off the wall but it works, and that is a posture corrector, right? Everyone, every day, when we sit and work we’re like this way, we’re always slouching, and that sucks. I meant hats not good for our long-term health, we need help correcting our posture all the time and so I looked up how many searches this is getting it’s getting 74,000 searches a month of a posture corrector, so this is in high demand. People working in the office, more people doing work at home, and in an indoor environment, we need these posture collectors, and now is the perfect time to do them. And so if you haven’t seen them, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, there are these little vibrator things you put in the middle of your upper back and when you slouch it vibrates and it’slike “Oh! I need to sit up,” and so it constantly reminds you that you need to sit up straight and correct your posture. And so the cool thing about it is if you were to start a business in this industry now, it could really take off the same way with the car-sharing ride experience like uber and Lyft, now there’s a ton of different companies and apps that provide the same type of service and so if you were to jump in on it now and start a brand behind building the posture corrector product it would be a really good idea while the product is still new to the industry and still booming. Alright, so coming in at number nine for a most profitable business in 2020 is a paid advertising expert.

And soI kind of alluded to it when I talked about YouTube, but if you can run paid ads for people you are super valuable forever, forever, just gonna go out there and say forever. Business owners don’t have the time to figure out paid advertising by themselves, it’s confusing. It’s like what the hell? I don’t have time for this, I have so many other things in the business to take care of and so if you were to learn Google Ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Bing ads, Solo ads, any type of ads that exist out there, even like Twitter ads, Twitter ads is a thing, and I’m sure before we know it Tik Tok will have its own paid advertising. Right now there’s not, but I think it eventually will be. And so if you were to become the expert and become really good at this which doesn’t take long, I guarantee if you try to learn this, within two months of studying and doing it you could learn it within two months which is, relatively, a short amount of time. Alright, so coming in at number 10 for the most profitable businesses of 2020 is bookkeeping and accounting. And not just any old bookkeeping, I know you guys probably have this image of, I don’t know, some boring job where you’re sitting behind a computer with a calculator, no that’s not what I mean. So with bookkeeping it’s something that all businesses and solopreneurs, everybody, everybody needs bookkeeping, even non-business owner bookkeeping, but if you were to start a bookkeeping company with a specific niche, that would be super, super helpful because you’re going to attract more clients and customers, the same thing with everything. Like, if you’re starting, creating content on social media, everything applies. The more niche-specific you are, the faster you will gain an audience and clients.

 So, for example, I know a bookkeeping company and they are specific to doing bookkeeping for online businesses. when I heard about this I was like “Oh my gosh, they just came down from the heavens and are just helping us so much,” because this is exactly what I’m looking for because there are so many other bookkeeping opportunities and things we can writeoff as online business owners that other brick-and-mortar businesses cannot do.And so take this idea and run with it, if you want to start a bookkeeping company for online businesses in particular, it’s gonna work, it’s going to work. And, minimum, this company charges $400 a month for bookkeeping and they have a program that automatically categorizes everything for them so the heavy lifting is done, they use this tool to do it, and so what they have to do is manually go back and double-check, but it’s a lot faster than doing it by hand.

 They just have to go in and double-check a few categories, but the point is$400 a month, if you acquire a lot of clients and you can outsource a lot of tasks, hire people, it could be a very, very, very profitable business to do bookkeeping for entrepreneurs who have online businesses. Alright, so if you’reloving this video let’s keep the fun going and I guarantee you’re going to love this video that’s coming up next, it’s about six digital marketing tools that are going to save you hours of time and help you scale your business with ease and that video starts right now.

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