Best New Cars for 2020-2021 Latest and Upcoming Cars SUVs & Trucks 2020

 Best New Cars for 2020-2021 | Latest and Upcoming Cars, SUVs & Trucks
Welcome to the Los Angeles Auto Show. Here are a collection of the majority of the model year 2020 and 2021 vehicles you’ll see for sale at dealer lots next year. [MUSIC PLAYING] In this video, the Edmunds team is going to walk you through what you should know about these cars, trucks, and SUVs, at least the most important and most significant ones. As always, if there’s a vehicle that you’re interested in that isn’t in this video, go to more information.

There you’ll find your perfect car and how much you should pay for it. MARK TAKAHASHI: Audi has been on a tear for the last couple of years, redesigning everything in their portfolio. This year, they’re going to be rolling out and filling out their line-up with higher performance S and RS variants. But they are bucking the SUV trend by reintroducing some wagons. In particular, theA6 All road is back. It offers the versatility of an SUV but more driver engagement, like a smaller car. The big news, though, is this mad dog, the RS6 Avant. With 600 horsepower and matching six-figure price tag, it’s an entirely different take on family hauling. Audi also brought a Sportback version of the e-Tron crossover. It brings with it all the goodness we like about the e-Tron, but it takes a hit for practicality. This swooping rear roofline– it cuts into rear headroom by almost a full inch. There’s also a pretty decent hit for cargo capacity too. But this shape is more aerodynamic and ends up gaining you about10 miles of electric range. Also returning is my favorite Audi, the R8. For 2020, it gets a slight styling update. But it also gets a little bit of horsepower bump for the base model.

 It is the best way to live out your Tony Stark fantasies. [DOOR HISSING] CARLOS LAGO: Cooldoors are still cool. The BMW i8– there is nothing quite like it on the road. It looks like a supercar and has the practicality of a supercar, but doesn’t really have the performance of a supercar. It’s a hybrid, after all, but like an 18-mile EV range. For 2020, it comes in this unique limited edition color scheme. And whether you get it in the two plus two configurations or the roadster configuration, like this one, you can be guaranteed that there’s nothing quite else like it on the road today. Let’s take a second and just appreciate how good this M8 looks. It’s quite pretty, indeed. And it’s hard to deny the appeal of a vehicle quite like this, the 8 series and 8 Series Gran Coupe. And that’s what theM8 is based on. This is a very appealing car, as it should be, for a vehicle whose price starts at around $150. If you step up to the competition package, you get around 617 horsepower. The base car has 600 horsepower. Very stout. Of course, the performance potential of a large luxury sedan like this– kind of dubious. If you want something a little bit more nimble and a little bit more sports car minded, there’s the M2 CS behind me. Weird name aside, the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe has effectively become BMW’s entry-level sedan. And it’s a pretty attractive one too, even if you think all need to be rear-wheel drive. This one’s available with all-wheel drive and power, ranging from 228to 301 horsepower, if you get the M235ivariant, like this one here. It could give the Mercedes Benz A-class, this luxury sedan that we like a lot, of a run for its money.

It’s a weird thing to say, but we live in a world where finding a 600 horsepower luxury SUV is actually pretty easy now. And it’s going to be even easier to come next year with the addition of the X5M and the X6M. Standard guys, these things make 600. Horsepower in their competition trim, they push that figure to 617 horsepower. If that’s not ridiculous enough, the front wheels are 21 inches in diameter, the rears are 22s. What a world we live in, folks. This is the BMW X3 X Drive 30e. And that means it’s the hybrid version of the X3. It goes on sale next year, and that’s when we’ll know more about its specs and figures for the United States. We do know now though, it’s based on the same motor, engine, and the battery pack that you get in the 3 Series that was called the 330e, it’s a bit less confusing. And it should come with its solid amount of EV only range. WILL KAUFMAN: We’ve been seeing prototypes for a while, but now, Bollinger is taking preorders with delivery is slated to begin sometime in 2021. This electric dual, theB2 truck, and the B1 SUV pack a ton of offroad features, removable doors, and some trick storage compartments. Think a big boxy Jeep Wrangler but all-electric and $125,000 to start. These are definitely niche vehicles, especially with Rivianbringing a more affordable electric truck and SUVto the market soon. But they sure look tough. CARLOS LAGO: When you think of large three-row Cadillac SUVs, your mind probably wanders over to the Escalade, but you might want to consider the XT6.

This new model from Cadillac starts at around mid $50,000range and packs a lot of standard safety, comfort, and technology features as well. It’s also pretty dang handsome. Pretty spacious inside, especially the third row, which can seat real full-size adults. Alas, the third row takes a crucial bit of cargo space, so you got to decide whether you’re going to haul family or cargo. Cadillac has two new luxury sedans, CT4 and CT5. If you can guess which one is the big one and which one is the small one, congratulations, you at least have a basic level of deductive reasoning. These are appealing vehicles, one, because they’re attractive, too, because Cadillac’s problem has never been driving dynamics. So we expect them to kind of drive. Three, Cadillac is addressing the bigger problems we’ve had with the previous models, which is interior quality, namely, the center entertainment touchscreens, which were a bit of a nightmare. You also get access to to Cadillac’s Super Cruise, which on some freeways, provides legit hands-free driving experience. Taken altogether, these become a very compelling option among other luxury sedans. TRAVIS LANGNESS: The2021 Chevy Colorado is slightly refreshed with new looks upfront new lettering on the rear tailgate. But it’s got the same platform, same powertrains, and same interiors before.

 And unfortunately for  its GMC brother, the Canyon, they still have to do battle with kings like the and Toyota Tacoma, and the extremely well-rounded Honda Ridgeline. The Chevy Silverado is one of the most capable and one of the most popular vehicles on sale in America today. For 2020, it gets some new tech features like adaptive cruise control and a trailer in-camera system that can support up to 15 cameras. And under the hood, if you want, you can now get three-liter diesel. But even though its significantly improved, the Silverado still falls behind the Ram and the Ford in our overall rankings. An old name with a new face, the Chevy Trailblazer is a small SUV that fits in between the larger Equinox. It will hit US shores next year or two small three-cylinder power trains and the choice of two trim levels, this kind of sporty looking and the more outdoorsy oriented Active. Prices are going to start just below $20,000 and the Trailblazer should come with an impressive list of standard features. This is one of the biggest debuts of the year. The Chevy Corvette has gone mid-engine. It gets a 6.2 liter V8, 495horsepower, and a dual-clutch gearbox. It goes up against rivals that are nearly double the price and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorite sports cars. While the looks might be up for debate, the performance is definitely settled, and this is a Corvette for the history books. WILL KAUFMAN: Chrysler Pacifica is our number two ranked minivan thanks to its surprisingly sonorous V6 and excellent cargo flexibility because of that stow and goes seats. Of course, those seats are a little less comfortable than some competitors. We also appreciate the plug-in hybrid versions 30 plus miles of all-electric range.

 For this year, the making a return, but it’s essentially just an abased model of the Pacifica. Feature loadout is really the only difference. Sadly, there’s no would trim option. ELANA SCHERR: For 2020, Dodge is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Challenger with a special anniversary edition. Got anniversary badges, new wheels, unique interior options, and a brand new color. Appropriate for a Golden Jubilee, Dodge calls it Goldrush. We think they should have called it . For 2020, dodge is offering a wide body package on its Hellcat and Scat Pack. It adds 3 and 1/2 inches which makes room for wider tires. Don’t worry, you can still spin them. If you want a slimmer, less Charger, there are plenty of trim options with the V6 cylinder and 57 hemi, so you can still enjoy that comfortable interior, the excellent styling, and the great infotainment system that keeps the Charger top five in our rankings. JONATHAN ELFALAN: By far, the biggest announcement from Ford is the all-new all-electric Mustang Mach E. This, however, is no muscle car. It’s actually an SUV about the size of a Ford Escape. It’ll offer the choice rear or all-wheel drives in two battery sizes. It’ll be available beginning the fall of 2020 with prices starting around $40,000. If you want to know more about this vehicle, you can check out Edmunds’ editor in chief, Alistair Weaver’s, excellent video walk around. It’s been a big year for Mustang from the new Mach E to the new high-performance package for the four-cylinder Eco Boost, which makes it incredibly dynamic. oh and this subtle 760horsepower Shelby DT500, it’s new, too, joining the Shelby GT 350 flat-plane crank V8. The Mustang is the current Edmunds’ number one ranked muscle car.

Can’t imagine why. The Escape has been overhauled for 2020, replete with the sportier exterior styling, a roomier interior, and four new power trains. Two turbocharged engines, plus a hybrid and plug-in hybrid variant. The sportiest 250 horsepower is estimated to return 26miles per gallon combined. while the hybrid is rated at 41 miles per gallon with up to 30 miles of electric range if you opt for the plug-in version. There’s a lot riding on this new Escape since Ford will soon be getting out of the sedan making business, which leaves just this and the extra smaller sport in their entry-level vehicle portfolio. We were thrilled when we heard the all-new 2020 Explorer was returning to a rear-drive base platform. For SUVs, that generally amounts to better towing and driving dynamics, which the new explorer delivers in spades. What we weren’t expecting was a comparatively high price. Prices range anywhere from the mid-30s to upper 50s, which is a bit hard to stomach when you see what the competition is offering for thousands less. The Expedition became our favorite non-luxury full-size SUV shortly after was redesigned for 2018. It won us over with its exceptional passenger comfort, user-friendly tech, and its ability to tow over 9,000 pounds. For 2020, updates are rather light, but the biggest news being Ford’s co-pilot 360, which is a suite of advanced driver aids that’s now standard across all Expedition trims.

The Ranger was reintroduced to the US market last year to a mixed reception for 2020. Ford is offering a new FX2package on all rear-drive rangers at any trim level. It includes an electronic locking diff, offroad tires, an offroad tuned suspension, an offroad screen within the gauge cluster, and body decals. Now for $595, that’s a bargain. Sure, you don’t get the advanced terrain management and trail control that you would inan FX4 package and all-wheel drive ranger like you see here, but you at least get the offroad looks and some of the capability for less than half the package cost. WILL KAUFMAN: The2020 Genesis G90 looks pretty different on the outside, but under the skin, a lot stays the same. That’s not actually a bad thing. The Genesis G90 90is a big plush luxury sedan with available executive seating in the back. And a really excellent stereo. The new exterior design is handsome. And I mean, just check out these excellent wheels. On the inside, you’ll find upgraded trim like some nice open-pore wood and an infotainment system that now supports AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay, a welcome addition. And the Genesis G90 is significantly less costly than its top competitors. TRAVIS LANGNESS: Redesigned just a year ago, the GMC Sierra 1500 gets some significant-tech updates for 2020. It’s got available adaptive cruise control now as well as a trailer and camera system that supports up to 15 cameras. Under the hood, you can also now get a three-liter diesel power train. And to top it all off, it wins our tailgate wars with the V6 way power-folding multi pro rear tailgate.

 This CR2500 is completely redesigned for 2020 and it uses a little brother, 1500, as a template. It also gets the multiple rear tailgates along with updated technology, an updated interior, and improved towing and hauling capability. Unfortunately for 2500, it has really strong rivals like the Ram and the Ford, so it’s got an uphill battle. CARLOS LAGO: There are no significant changes for the Honda Accord in 2020, but that doesn’t stop us from recommending this extremely well-executed sedan. It’s stylish, fun to drive, and hits big with utility. A lot of its competitors have been updated or redesigned since this car came out, but the Accord still shines brightest in its class. The Honda Civic is Edmunds’top ranked small sedan. And yes, we know this is a two-door SI, we’ll talk about that in a second. The civic lineup gets small editions throughout the model range. For example, the hatchback gets additional sound deadening and the SI like this one here gets a shorter final drive, which makes the acceleration feel a bit more lively. With prices ranging between $20,000 to $30,000, there’s a Civic for most shoppers and all of them are an easy recommendation. The big addition to the Honda CRV this year we should mention too is our top-ranked small SUV, which is a hybrid model. Now we don’t know much about the technical details yet oh then it uses the drive train the Honda Accord Hybrid. It has 212 horsepower, though fuel economy numbers haven’t been released yet. But if we had to guess, it’d be around 40 MPH. The rest of the CRV lineup has some nice additions, too. Specifically, the base engine no longer available, so all you have is the 1 and1/2 liter turbo four-cylinder. And that’s the one we’d recommend anyway. The Honda Passport came out last year and quickly garnered a lot of attention from us. In fact, it’s our top-ranked two-row midsize SUV and for good reason. Essentially, it’s a HondaPilot without the third row and with a bit shorter length, so you get all the utility of that vehicle without, of course, the seating a very compelling package. There are no new changes for 2020, and that’s OK because it’s still a good car. The Honda Ridgeline carries over into next year largely unchanged and its still our number one ranked midsize pickup truck. Wait, wait, come back, look, look, we get it. You’re really angry because it’s not a real truck. Just get a Gladiator to get a Tacoma. And bring it in, bring it in, it’s going to be OK. Breathe.

 WILL KAUFMAN: The2020 Hyundai Kona is our top-rated extra small SUV for its peppy handling, and acceleration, its comfortable interior, and user-friendly technology. The addition of adaptive cruise control for this year only makes it better. The one drawback– if maximum cargo capacity is your top priority, it might be worth checking out a competitor. The Hyundai Palisade is an upscale midsize three-row SUV with plenty of room in all three rows and lots of comfort and technology features. It would have upset the segment and stolen the top spot in our rankings if not for its corporate twin, the Kia Telluride. That’s not a knock against the excellent Palisade. Which you prefer between the two really comes down to what kind of personality you want from your vehicle, with the Palisade offering more of the on-road luxury vibe between the pair. The 2020 Hyundai Sonata has been totally redesigned and it’s got a sleek new look. I mean, just check out those daytime running lights. The other thing it’s got a ton of new features. The new Sonatareally is a showcase for Hyundai’s next generation of technology. You’ll get the ability to use your cell phone as a key. You can pull the Sonata in and out of parking spaces remotely. And on the interior, you get this big new infotainment screen and a digital display instead of a traditional gauge cluster. If you want the latest features from your sedan, the Sonata should be on your list. TRAVIS LANGNESS: The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most capable offroad vehicles on sale today. And in other news, the sky is blue and water is wet. This current generation is more comfortable, high tech, and user friendly than ever before. And while there some compromises made along the way for off-road capability, this is the most liveable Wrangler that Jeep has ever made. For 2020, you can get one with diesel.

For someone who doesn’twant to spend Wrangler money but wants the iconic Jeep looks, the Renegade is a good choice. It’s got a roomy interior and a high interface. And it’s got more offroad chops than most of the lifted hatchbacks in this segment. But if you want something that’s quick or something that’s quiet, we’d steer you in another direction. If you’ve always wanted a Jeep Wrangler but you also needed a pickup truck, well, the Gladiator will solve that problem. It’s based on the same platform as the Wrangler, so it’s got much of the off-road capability, but it’s got that pickup truck bed in the back, so it’s got a bunch of added utility. It’s only our number two ranked mid-sized pickup truck because it’s behind the super practical Honda Ridgeline. The Jeep Cherokee is in one of the most competitive segments on the market–compact crossovers. It goes up against well-rounded vehicles like the Mazda CX5 and the Honda CRV.

And while it isn’t our favorite in the segment, we do like it for its impressive off-road capability and its high tech interior with a comfortable highway ride. MARK TAKAHASHI: The KiaSeltos is new to the US but it’s been on sale for just about a year in other parts of the world. It sits just between the Kia Soul and the larger Kia Sportage in terms of price and size, starting right around $22,000. Like a lot of subcompact crossovers, it benefits from the convenience of an SUV, but it’s in a smaller package that’s easier to drive and more economical. The Altos distinguishes itself with a slightly taller right height and available wheel drive, which isn’t available onthe Sul or the Niro that means you can do some pretty light off-roading. But you will have to wait until spring to get one. And you wouldn’tthink you’d have to wait to getyourself a Telluride because it’s been on sale fora while, but you’d be wrong. Apparently, Kia can’t make themfast enough to meet demand. That’s really no surprisebecause the Telluride is our favorite SUV. And not just mid-sized threerow SUV, it’s our favorite SUV, period. With a lot of power,tons of features, and an incrediblyrefined interior, if you need something thisbig, put it on your shortlist. The Stinger is mostlyunchanged for 2020, but it does add a newmid grade GTS trim. At a time when sleek sedans seemto be eclipsed by mass market action SUVs, the Stingeris a refreshing detour with the convenience of ahatchback, strong performance, and as any Kia, a verygenerous warranty. Who says fun is dead? ELANA SCHERR: The Defenderis back in the.

 We covered the Defender during its international launch, but it is very cool to see it here at home. 2020 Defender promises strong off-road performance and lots of customization options, including two different engine choices. Plus, it looks cool. I think it looks cool. Do you think it looks cool? I think it looks cool. The original Range was a little bit of a weirdo with a love it or hate it design. For the redesigned2020 Evo, Land Rover has gone a little more mainstream. It’s bigger for more legroom, and it has the new interior tech, like a dual-screen infotainment system. There’s also a hybrid powertrain option. I think it looks like a smaller Discovery sport. JONATHAN ELFALAN: Lexus took the wraps and the top off the 2021 LC 500 convertible. We thought the coupe looked great, but it seems as if the LC was destined for roofless design from the beginning, which is another way of saying that it looks fantastic. There are 471 horses generated from a five-liter V8, which also happens to make wonderful sounds. This convertible will make it all the better to enjoy them. Lexus says the will open and close in about 15 seconds and can operate at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour. So you’re not stuck paying stoplight roulette. This topless LC is set to go on sale next summer. Lexus’ most popular SUV and my new favorite because it has a surfboard the roof is the RX. For 2020, it receives a slight refresh with new front and rear styling and a revised suspension for sharper handling. The 2020 RX is also the first in Lexus’ line to offer Android Auto smartphone integration alongside Apple Car Play. And those can be projected on a new optional 12.3-inch touchscreen. Thankfully, this replaces the old and clunky system with the remote touch joystick which we weren’t big fans of.

ELANA SCHERR: Without a doubt, Corsair is a much better name than MKC, which was Lincoln’s previous small SUV. The Corsair there is based on the Ford Escape, but Lincoln has worked hard to distinguish itself from Ford with Lincoln-specific design options, new tech, and different engine options, including a plug-in hybrid. Then of course, there are those great Lincoln interiors. It’s not a pair of sunglasses and it has little in common with the aviator of the early 2000s. The 2020 Lincoln Aviatoris based on a Ford Explorer but with its nowhere and interior. If you’ve seen recently, you know that’s a good thing. It’s quiet cabin and turbocharged V6 make it a powerful family cruiser. And there’s a plug-in hybrid option for even more power and better fuel economy. What a world we live in. If you’ve got the garage space and you want to fill it with yacht-like luxury, the Lincoln Navigator isour pick for top boat. I mean, our pick for most highly rated large luxury SUV. Ever since its introduction, the Lincoln Navigator has consistently topped our ratings because of its gorgeous interior and impressive performance. For 2020 safety features become standard, but what hasn’t changed is the navigators’ impressive tow rating. 8,600-pound capacity, you can tell a boat with this boat. MARK TAKAHASHI: If it seems like there are a lot of weird half sizes between conventionally sized SUVs, you’re not imagining things. This is the latest from Mazda, the CX30. It sits between the slightly smaller CX3 and slightly larger CX5 with the starting priced right around 23 grand. It also pushes evolution just a little bit further. While other companies are going with sharp deep creases, Mazda is going with these graceful smoothed out arches that set it apart from anything else on the road. As a Mazda, we also expect the CX30 to drive better than its rivals from Honda and Toyota. WILL KAUFMAN: Mini is jumping in the EV game with the hard top two-door Cooper SE. This isn’t a Tesla killer. This is more of an alternative to a more affordable city runabout like the basic Nissan LEAF or the Volkswagen e-Golf. Prices should start under $30,000 and the EPA range is likely to come in around 120 miles. It is more stylish. Adding that Mini personality to the battery-electric formula might just make this compelling choice for consumers looking for an electric car. MARK TAKAHASHI: The GLE was an instant hit for Mercedes Benz, immediately climbing to best in class. It has all of the things you want from Mercedes SUV– a refined interior, tonsof comfort, lots of techs.

But this time around, they dropped something crazy on us. It’s the GLE 63S from with 603 horsepower. That’s just bonkers for they don’t know, wealthy parents with racing aspirations, maybe? And if you need more space, they also rode out the GLS and G version with similar output. What they didn’troll out though, is the top of the lineage Maybach edition. We don’t have full specs on it yet, but we can guarantee it is going to be over the top in every way. CARLOS LAGO: TheNissan Rogue doesn’t receive any significant changes for 2020, but it remains a highly attractive vehicle to shoppers looking for an inexpensive compact SUV with a lot of interior space. And that’s really what you get with this SUV. That and comfortable seats. Now the driving experience kind of pales in comparison to our favorite SUV in the segment, the Honda CRV. But the road delivers the basics. The slightly smaller Roguesport gets some small changes for 2020, especially a different look front and rear bumpers are updated and Nissan’ssuite of safety features is now standard on the base trim. If we’re honest,the Nissan Titan has felt a bit dated lately, but that’s because Ford, Chevy, and Ram have introduced new generations of their respective trucks. The Titan has been updatedfor 2020 though, fortunately. Its powertrain gets a new 9speed automatic transmission and its 5.6 liter V8 getsa small power bump, too. Now 400 horsepower and413 pound-feet of torque. There’s additionalstandard safety equipment and an available nineinch center touchscreen.

 With the starting price from the low to mid $30,000 range, that makes the Titan a pretty compelling value. With 2020 times introduction of a new generation of the Nissan Sentra. And it actually looks pretty good, too. It’s a bit wider and a bit lower in height than the outgoing generation. The interior gets a special mention too. It’s pretty attractive. Plus, standard safety features, like collision mitigation and all that stuff. The base engine is a two-liter four-cylinder with about 150 horsepower. I look forward to our full view and we get our hands on one early next year. Porsche’s first electric vehicle looks to be a really stunning entry. The Tay can promises the performance of a real sports car, but also, the driving experience of an EV. It’s a really fascinating combination of the two. It’s available in a couple of different motors and battery configurations from the Turbo S which has eye-watering acceleration, and top speed, and price, down to this more realistic 4S, which starts in about $100,000,has over 500 horsepower and could be a real competitor to the Tesla Model S. While the most recent generation in the Porsche Cayenne was introduced last year, this year, we have the addition of the Cayenne coupe. If you haven’t been paying attention to luxury SUV as for while, the modern trend with coupes trade a little bit of rear headroom and cargo space for a more swoopy roofline that mimics what you would find on an actual two-door coupe.

The Cayenne coupe costs a little bit more than the equivalent Cayenne and it gets all the same trim levels, so you can get a Cayenne coupe Turbo and Turbo SE hybrid. With all the hubbub around the new Porsche Tay can EV, you may forget there’s actually a new generation of Porsche 911. And you may also be able to tell from the outside too because it doesn’t look that different. It’s more apparent inside when you see the new gauge cluster and all the touch-sensitive controls on the center console. When I drove this car earlier this year, I really enjoyed it because, duh, it’s a 911. Starting at around $100,000, this card gives you really more than you could ever need from a sports car. TRAVIS LANGNESS: The Ram 1500 is our number one ranked full-size pickup truck. It’s got a really comfortable interior, a high interface, and for 2020, it gets a new diesel powertrain added to the lineup control over 12,000 pounds. And it enters the tailgaters with a new 60-40 split open beer tailgate thing. JONATHAN ELFALAN.

The Ascent is the largest vehicle that Subaru makes, offering three rows of seating and space for seven or eight passengers while it isn’t at the top of our list formed-sized three-row SUVs, we do like it for its standard all-wheel-drive, its powerful turbocharged engine, and its crisp and responsive touchscreen infotainment system. For 2020, the Ascent adds standard rear-seat reminder alert and power-folding side-view mirrors. The Subaru Forrester was redesigned just last year and offers a great blend of many things. From a comfortable cabin and ride to strong safety and tech features. There’s even anew lane centering function, which gets added toits standard list of driving aids. All it needs is just a little more power and we’d be big fans. The word legacy has different meanings. But Subaru is looking to leave a positive impression with their new midsize sedan. For 2020, the Legacy has been redesigned and is still theonly one in the class to offer standard wheel drive.

An optional 260 horsepower2.4 liter engine should help draw some fans as well as Subaru’s comprehensive suite advanced driver aids, which come standard. The Outback is Subaru’s mid-sized SUV and one of our perennial favorites, which somebody mistake for a tall wagon. But don’t let appearances deceive you. This wagon could likely outperform many so-called SUVs off-road. Do it with standard all-wheel drive and surprisingly generous ground clearance. For 2020, the Outback has been fully redesigned and is offered with two engines. One of which is a 260 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder. There’s also a new 11.6inch tablet-style interface for the infotainment system, which just looks awesome. MARK TAKAHASHI: While Tesla wasn’t at the show floor, company CEO Elon Musk unveiled the bizarre-looking Cyber Truck. Lofty targets include a max tow rating of over 14,000 pounds, the payload of over 3,500pounds, and zero to 60 mile an hour acceleration in less than 2.9 seconds in the most powerful version. While Tesla has announced pricing and is taking pre-orders, this thing is still two years away from delivery at a minimum. The Cyber Truck can make you forget all about Model Y, but it should be available sometime during 2020. It’s an SUV-ish version of the Model 3, promising similar range, performance, a little more cargo space news ability, and a slightly higher price tag. We have one on order
 We’ve owned a Model 3for a few years now, yet answering the question of what’s new for this year is difficult because Tesla doesn’t do updates like any other automaker. It’s more like your phone, where you wake up one morning and it has new features. This experience is unlike any another car out there and combined with the model 3’s many strengths, it makes easy for one of the most compelling EV sedans you can buy. What’s left to say about the Model S and Model X? Well, we really like the S. At the time of this recording, it has a simple ordering process, great range, and ridiculous– or rather, ludicrous acceleration. And the Model X–well, the doors look neat but severely limit the utility part of an SUV. But hey, at least it’s fast? Hey guys, guess, what. There’s a new Toyota Mirai and it’s not ugly, right? This sleek sedan is going to hit our markets at the end of 2020 and it’s a welcome departure from, let’s say, the awkward styling of its predecessor. It’s also going to be rear-wheel drive and Toyota claims they’ll have 30% more range. That means you can go up to400 miles on a single tank. I’m not fully sold on the future of hydrogen, especially when you consider that electrification is far more accessible. For example, Toyota’s best selling vehicle gets a new hybrid modeling this, the RAV4 prime. This plug-in hybrid gets 83 horsepower boost over the standard hybrid, which should push it to 60 miles an hour a full two seconds quicker. Toyota also claims it’ll return 39 miles of electric-only range.

When it goes on sale in the summer, it’ll only be offered sporting SE and SXE trims, with all-wheel drive. We recommend the hybrid RAV4for over the standard RAV4. And expect this to be even better. WILL KAUFMAN: The Volkswagen Atlas comes in fifth place and our mid-sized three-row SUV rankings. It was knocked down a couple of spots this year by the introduction of the Honda Palisade and Kia Telluride. Still, the Atlas is a super roomy and practical SUV for families. It’s just a bit down on power and personality. For 2020, Volkswagen is trying to kick the personality up a notch with the introduction of the Atlas Cross Sport. This is a more aggressively styled two-row version of the Atlas with a sportier personality. CARLOS LAGO: Thank you for watching. Hit subscribe. And for more information about your favorite car, visit There, you’ll find your next car and how much you should pay for it.

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