How do you grow your Facebook Group 2021

  How do you grow your Facebook Group? In this video, we’re gonna show you exactly how to either revive a group that has been on life support or start a new group and get a whole buncha new members into it.

 Facebook Groups are a really great way to connect with your community and your customers. But, you can’t do that without members of your group. So today, we’re gonna show you exactly what strategiesI’ve used to grow my group, how Social Media Examiner has grown their group, and how you can do the same exact thing. And, be sure to stick around until the end where I’m gonna show you exactly how to leverage other Facebook Groups to grow your own FacebookGroup without being slimy. So, my first tip, it might seem a little obvious. Just go ahead and invite people from off the platform, off of Facebook, into your group. This means your emails, your email signature, you can go ahead and change that Facebook icon right to your group. You can even put a little thing in your signature that says, “Join my Facebook Group “because of x, y, z, value.” Don’t be afraid to actually invite them to places where normally you have invited people to like your page. Now, here’s a pro tip you guys. Make sure that you define exactly who you want in that group.

Creating buncha birds that flock together is gonna be a whole lot more exciting and enjoyable to not only participate in, and grow, and be a part of, but it’s also gonna help the group feel very cohesive because they’re gonna feel like other people understand them. So, I can’t stress how important it is to qualify the types of people that you’re looking for. Here’s what this looks like. If you’re looking for the best five places to walk your dog in Scottsdale, join our group ’cause that’s what we talk about. Something like that is automatically qualifying the person if they’re a dog lover and they live in Scottsdale. And, it’s obviously something that’s of interest to them. You automatically told who the group is good for, and attracted them in through value. Your pet business now has a whole entire group of people that are qualified to buy their services.

 So, we talked about how to get people from off the platform, onto the platform, into your group. Now we’re gonna talk about how to get people that are actually on Facebook into your group. So, the first thing that wants you to consider is that cover photo that’son your Facebook page is a huge real estate that I want you to use. So, whether you have a cover video or a cover photo, make sure that you change that blue tab to say Visit Group, and then do an arrow, or make that whole video all about Join Our Group, Join Our Group, Join Our Group! Another thing you can do on your page is highlight and tease some content. So, you might even wanna take a snapshot of something that you’ reteaching how to do something. Remember in the last video, we told you that groups should talk about how.

 So, let’s say that you are actually showing how to do something. You stop it, or you black it out at the moment that you start telling people what you’re doing, and then you post that on your page. So, now they wanna know what’s goin’ on in that group, and they wanna join Another way to get people from off-platform onto your Facebook group is by inserting advertisements into your blog. You can also tease them on your Facebook and Instagram stories. You can also do a major email blast to your list inviting them into the Facebook Group. Another very natural ways to get people into your group is by natural progression. Depending on if they’re at that top for a catch-all, or you move ’em through, and you niche ’em through. For instance, I have one group, and it’s called JumpStart My Pet Business, and it’s for any person who has a pet business, they can join that group. My second level is I Own A PetSitting Company With Staff. So clearly, those are the pet businesses that actually have staff, those are my scalers. So, I’m able to kinda start moving them through my groups naturally, and they want to because it’s, even more, the niche, of a niche, of a niche, of exactly what they wanna hear about, and talk about.

 It makes it easier for me as a marketer to speak to them, and it’s easier as a consumer for them to get the exact information that they need because they don’t feel like they’re in a group where nobody understands them. Another great example of this is Kelly Noble Mirabella. She is the Admin for social Media Brainstorming. That’s a massive group for anyone who’s interested in social media. However, she also has another group called Baby Got Bot, and that group, as you can imagine, is all about chatbots. So, she uses that one big group to get a whole buncha people into it, and then she also segments them into people that are specifically wanting to know more about chatbots. So, these are all really great strategies to grow your own group, but as I teased at the beginning of this video, I wanna show you a way that you can actually have leverage in other groups to help grow your group without being sleazy. Now, here’s what I mean. You might belong in some other groups that you really like that are like-minded, that might even be, like, parallel to you in your industry. But, just like you, that group owner is constantly looking for education, or something to post, or strategy, and that’s where you, my friend, can become the hero of the day.

 Now, you don’t wanna be sleazy about it, and the way you’d be sleazy is by just posting in there all of your stuff without ever getting the blessing of the Admin. So, what I want you to do is reach out to that Admin. Talk to them. Find out what their strategy is for their group, and if you could help them with it. Why don’t you propose doing a life, ask me anything once a month? Or, maybe you could provide a guest blog to them that they can share in there once a month. Or, maybe their group members can help you get information for something that you need to do. There are endless amounts of ideas, but reach out, and make friends with someone. Just because we’re online in this social media space doesn’t mean that one Admincan’t reach out to another, and see how you can collab and help each other out. When you have the blessing of that Admin, and they are introducing and presenting you to their group as an expert, that Admin has now just vouched for you and your brand. That’s the Admin that they know and they trust, and now you’re being put up on a silver platter to these group members.

So, make it count, but only do it if you’ve got the Admin’s blessing. Now, I know some of you out there might be listening, and saying, “But, Bella, I don’t really have a blog, “or video, or all these resources yet, I’m just starting. “But, I really wanna connect with a group “without being sleazy.” I got you. This is what you wanna do. You still wanna do the same thing. Reach out to that Admin. Find out if maybe you could go live in the group about your zone of genius. Maybe it’s you and the group Admin, or maybe it’s just a take over that’s, like, one day a month. Maybe it’s just purely becoming a moderator in the group, and helping out the Admin. You have to come from a place of how can I help you, and you have to understand that these group Admins have the same burden that most Facebook Group Admins do, and that’s providing engaging, exciting content for their community. So, ask yourself, “How can I help contribute to this?” So, if you build it, they will come, right? No, no, no, no, no. That’s why we have so many Facebook Groups on life support, and that’s why I hope these videos are gonna help you.

Now, once you do actually have a group, or maybe it is actually on life support, we’re gonna teach you exactly how to get them engaged in this video right here. So, stick with me, and let’s go on to the next one. I’ll see you over there.

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