How To Earn $100 Per Day on YouTube Without Having Any Subscribers

 How To Earn $100 Per Day on YouTube Without Having Any Subscribers

Making $100 a day on YouTube without any subscribers. You might be thinking “Wait, wait, this sounds like a scam. How do you make money on YouTube without subscribers?” Well, newsflash for you: you don’t make money on YouTube from subscribers, you make money on youtube with views and also through other products that you put on your YouTubevideos; they could be affiliate products, digital products, your services, whatever. Today we’re gonna talk about how you can realistically make $100 on YouTubewithout any subscribers.

 And just because I say $100 a day does not mean you can eventually start to have days like this, where I had a $700 day on YouTube and also like my student Hanna who recently had her first 330 dollars a day onYouTube, it is all possible so definitely stick around for this entire video. Alright, before we hop on my computer and I’ll show you everything step by step, be sure after this video to download my six-step blueprint to a wildly profitable youtube channel and my subscribers to sales blueprint will be the first link in the description or you can grab it up here. So without further ado, let’s go to my computer. Hi so welcome to behind my computer, this is gonna be pretty cool. If you want to know what I’m using to record my screen, by the way, its loom, it’s a really awesome tool so I could leave the link in the description if you want, but this is cool, you get to make yourself small you get to make yourself big, really big.

Okay, so today I’m going to show you something really cool because it’s a blueprint that you can use to build any type of youtube channel, any online business using YouTube in whatever niche. So these are some niches that I never really talk about, so I’m showing you these niches because typically I talk about making money and other topics that pertain to making money online, right? I wanted to show you that, really, you can do this for any niche. So this right here is the acting niche and how to be an actor or actress on Broadway. Like look at this title, “how to turn an acting note into an audition win,” and just stuff that I have no idea about but it works, like how to break down a monologue. So yeah this channel is about acting and being on Broadway, just all things related to that. And then this channel right here is about plants, this woman right here, she goes by the name of Lanterna, which is pretty cool. So her entire channel is about plant growth and indoor plant revival, Spring Fling, all kinds of stuff, leaving my indoor plants behind for my husband, so she has a really popular brand, this chick right here and it’s all about plants, something that she loves. 12 tips for keeping house plants healthy, alright so there’s one niche that’s really cool that it works for.

And here’s another one, how to sing. Dr. Dan’s voice essentials, so his channels all about singing tutorials which I think is really cool. And yeah, just take a look at what he has on his channel. But today (drumroll) I’m gonna teach you a niche that you’re like “What? I had no idea?” We’re gonna go over the crochet niche, this is actually one of my online friends. She has a crochet online business and we’re going to take a deep dive on how you can build a crochet business if you want if you’re into that, or any other niche, literally any other niche, karate, finance, make money online, wealth, health, motivation, you’re going to watch. So what you first need obviously is content for the YouTube channel. Now, crocheting is a niche that you could do with your hands, you don’t even have to really get on camera and a lot of niches are, some niches aren’t. So, in this case, you could make a lot of content with just demonstrating how to do this, so if you’re into pottery or other types of arts and crafts, even with plants I imagine like there’s a way to not really show your face. So she’s giving these tutorials right here on how to crochet a hanging teardrop basket.

So I highly recommend that you do create your own content, get in front of the camera, and, in this case, film yourself crocheting. But I understand that people struggle a lot with content creation in the beginning, so if you need supplemental help in addition to getting in front of the camera, or hand sewing crocheting, or teaching people how to act, whatever it is, I invite you to go to Fiverr, you can use the freelancers on Fiverr to help you create content for any type of niche you’re in. So I haven’t actually researched this, so this will be interesting. So crochet, so I’m gonna see like what’s on Fiverr for crochet. I will crochet a pattern, okay, so there’s a lot of people that will do crochet, maybe if we type in like “crochet videos” if there’s something that comes up, I will transcribe your crochet pattern into a written pattern, so I don’t see that many options here, but like I said, I’ve never researched this before. Keep investigating on Fiverr, if not you can go to a website like pixabay and you can look here for stock footages and images where you can do maybe a narration video and this is all copyright free so “cricket”. Oh my gosh, I can never spell on live camera. Ok, so images, videos, ok so there’s stock footage videos where you can grab these and narrate over them. And another website you can do this with is, so you can come here, type in crochet, and see what kind of videos they have. So this is really cool, they have a lot more options for crochet videos, the other website that is really cool is this one called content samurai. Snd this is really neat because all you have to do is literally write a script. I’m not signed in right now, but all you would do is come here, write a script, and it would create a video for you. So if you have a script that’s, let’s say, 2,000 words, it would automatically create the video for you and I love it because you don’t have to do anything.

 It automatically creates videos for you based on the keywords in your script, so I’ll automatically create a crocheting video because it’ll see that you’re talking about knitting, crocheting, yarn, weaving baskets, and it’ll automatically populate content for you, so these are some tricks to get content for your YouTube channel your niche, whether you’re getting in front of the camera or utilizing one of these tools to do it. Alright, so the next thing we’re going to talk about getting noticed. So the first part of this, we talked about creating the content, because you need content on YouTube like or else it doesn’t work, obviously. We’re gonna take a look right now at this tool called Tubebuddy which is 100% the fastest way to get a notice on YouTube and to start generating traffic. I recommend this tool so much because it has this tool right here called the keyword Explorer and if you’re interested in Tubebuddy and looking to get a discount, it is a very affordable tool, but you can also get a 20% discount using my code in the description. So we want to look for keywords relating to our online crochet business, right? So I don’t really know keywords for crocheting but I’m going to kind of get inspiration from Pam’s channel to reverse engineer and see what type of things people are looking up. So could use this keyword, well let’s just think about something like “How to crochet a baby hat for beginners,” okay, so since your channel is brand new, it has no subscribers, the idea is you want to use unweighted because your channel is brand new, so it has no data, so it can’t go off of weighted.

 Weighted is like if you have a channel then it’ll use those statistics to give a rating. Anyways, with unweighted you’ll see it’s an excellent keyword to go after, right? If you have a small channel or no channel yet. So the search volume is fair, the competition’s good, the optimization strength is good, here’s the number of search results, total of all time. You’ll see two million searches and you could even see as the results like what does this look like? How many videos are out there with this title? “How to crochet a baby beanie.” So you could see the competition, you can see what the thumbnails look like so you could model after the best thumbnails and make yours better. Since we know that this is a good keyword and this is a video that we could make, we want to copy this and put it on a document and save it for later so that we can keep building our list of video titles that we’re going to use. Okay, so let’s find what another title could be. “Crochet a nesting basket pattern, so we’ll see how this does, crochet a nesting basket pattern,” and that’s a little bit more specific, okay that title is not excellent, it’s good, which is still good. Anything above good I would say is a-okay so that you can create a video around it.

So just a note about this number right here the lower this number is, the better because that means there are a lot fewer searches which mean as a smaller channel you have the ability to rank on the first page of YouTube. Basically, your video title is a lot less competitive, and when you’re smaller, the smaller this number is, the better. This looks good, I would consider this title, so “how to crochet a nesting basket pattern,” I would write that down. And so let’s see I know that bauble stitching is popular with crocheting, so let’s say “how to crochet a bauble stitch, something, bobble stitch blanket, or just bauble stitch,” without an item. Okay so the same thing, and I like this sizeof number right here, in the hundred thousand, that’s good. So I would also consider this one, it has a good rating, and although the search volume is poor, these two are good. So I would consider that an approved title that you could use. So Tubebuddy’s a great tool, especially when you’re first starting your YouTube channel, to really hone in on what those keyword-rich titles that you can use for your YouTube channel starting with zero subscribers because this is what puts your channel on the map and what allows the algorithmic YouTube to be like “Oh my gosh, this new crochet channel is on fire, quality views her way.” Alright, so the next thing we want to do is make money on YouTube, right? We want to get up to make that $100 a day mark and beyond. The cool thing about this is you’re building evergreen content, content that is being searched now, as soon as you post it, and in a year from now, and in 3 years from now, so the idea is in 3 years from now these videos that you put on YouTube today are going to continue to generate you traffic. That’s what matters because the traffic and the views is what makes money, nonsubscribers. So if we go back to this example on my friend Pam’s Channel, you see this video, and let’s see how she’s monetizing her YouTube.

 She doesn’thave that many subscribers, a thousand two hundred, so assuming that she has four thousand watch hours, she probably qualifies for the YouTube partnership program. In the links in her description, let’s check out what she has, subscribe to my channel, good find the instructions here on how to make this, so if we go to her website, we can figure out what she’s got going on. So this is a cool web site because she’s got a lot of ways to monetize using this website and using youtube to send traffic to this website. So if you go to crochet, crochet for sellers, we can take a look at the products that she has, it’s a free basketballer, bountiful pull-through scarf, and then if we go shopping, all of these are products that she’s selling. So the best of 2018, 15 most popular crochet patterns,so 15 dollars, seven dollars, three dollars, and these are crochet patterns they don’t have a super-high price point, but if you’re generating views like this, I mean, look at this video, it has 12,000 views! So if she has 12,000views, let’s pick a modest number, so let’s say half those people go to her website, right? And let’s assume a 2% conversion rate on what they buy,

so if she has 6,000 visitors times 2%, people that want to buy a product, and if you take that number, multiply it by a seven dollar product on her website, that’s $800, right? And so if you’re continually putting out content like this, that’s evergreen, that’s findable, that has products in the description, these are her products, but you could also use affiliate products, look at the potential. This video is only going to grow, this video was posted last year, Pam hasn’t really been consistent, she doesn’t post like every single week, but if she did, this number would skyrocket, right? So this is the profit potential of a video like this with just a seven dollar product. Imagine products that are fifty dollars, right? Any niche, I promise, has a good affiliate program somewhere; with the yarn and with the crochet here is a website that I found and you could become an affiliate for anything on this web site. So if you wanted to be an affiliate for this website , you could.

 They have an affiliate program, you can grab your affiliate link and put it in the description. So it says “why to join our affiliate program?” earn up to eight percent commissions with our products, earn a high average order value of $50 or more. So this is really important, these stats right here, when you’re considering promoting somebody else product or service is what you could realistically earn as an affiliate. So if there’s earning potential, a high average order value of $50 that’s prettygood considering what we just saw on her website with these products that aren’t as high as what you could earn with this affiliate program. So if you’ reselling crochet patterns and you have an affiliate link to all of the products that are here, I mean, you have thread, yarn, patterns, and a lot of options onyarnspirations, then you can really crush it with a video that has 12,000views and not to mentions the Adsense that you could make on this video. The average CPM for YouTubers as a whole is around $3, but let’s assume hers is higher because she’s very niche specific. So let’s assume it’s $12, so my CPM, for example, is anywhere from $40 to $45. Okay, so let me back up. To get paid with the YouTube Google Adsense, you get paid per thousand views and that’s called your CPM, right? So let’s assume that her CPM is about twelve dollars, and we’re being modest, because on average of all the YouTubers in the world to average CPM is $3 but mine, for example, is a little bit higher – about forty to forty-five dollars because I’m very niche-specific. Let’s just be modest and assume hers is like twelve dollars, so if she has 12,000 views, divide that by a thousand, so that’s twelve times twelve, that’s a hundred and forty-four dollars that she’s earning for this video. So if you take the Adsense, the affiliate products, and her own design patterns for crochet, that’s a lot of money that she is potentially earning every single day from this one video on the YouTube channel.

 And so what we’ve talked about so far is making sure that we have that quality content to put on our YouTube channel, and I’ve shown you a few ways you can do that at the beginning of this video, then we want to get noticed and put our channel on the map with Tubebuddy and then we want to focus on the monetization of the channel. And if you’re still wondering “I’m not exactly sure where to find affiliate products,” there are so many different platforms there’s, there’s,, CJ Affiliate, there are so many affiliate marketplaces that have wide varieties of niches where I’m sure you will be able to find an affiliate product that pays out a lot of money so you can pop the link in your YouTube channel. Okay, so other things to know about your youtube channel, about whatever the niche is going to be, is you want to make sure you have a good brand and feel before you launch your YouTube channel, most importantly, and also when people land on your YouTube channel, you want them to know what it’s about. So it’s really important that you have a banner, which is this right here, to let your audience know what your channel is about, right? And how often you’ll post. There is definitely some room for improvement with this banner, made with a twist, I kind of understand, but it would be more beneficial to the audience if it said: “Crocheting tutorials, or crocheting business” or whatever it’s about, I do like Pam’s channel icon which is this.

It’s a great photo of her, it’s clear, and you can clearly see that it is her when she’s, for example, replying to comments or something like that, but just look how big her channel has grown with only, I think, there’s like 30 videos most on her channel and she started three years ago, and she has a thousand two hundred subscribers. Just imagine how much more views her channel would have if she was to post once a week for a year. That would bring a lot, a lot Imean we talked about her earning potential with just these amount of views and subscribers, but imagine if she would have kept going. So that’s why you need to take this method and really like take it seriously and hit the ground running. That’s why I explained with Tubebuddy, you want to map out your first 10or 15 titles and you want to hit the ground running. Post as much as you can because the more you post in a week, the faster your YouTube channel is going to grow, hands down.

So, essentially, pick a launch date for our channel and make sure that you’re prepared to launch your channel so that you can gain the most amount of views and traffic to your affiliate products to your products in the link in the description in your videos. Alright, give this video a big thumbs up if you’re getting value and be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell because I’m dropping videos like this on a weekly basis and if you’re enjoying this video continue learning, continue growing, I have a free masterclass that you can watch right here that goes way more in-depth about the four-step framework of building wildly profitable YouTube channel and you can watch that masterclass right here. See you at the Masterclass!

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