Best Gaming Earphone UiiSii BN90 & CM8 2023

 Best Gaming Earphone UiiSii BN90 & CM8 2023. Dear viewers, I have received a lot of requests to make a video on gaming earphones So here we come with 2 gaming earphones your watching tech to the point and I’m with you Imm…who I am? Who I am? ?? Let’s start with a piece of good news At last UiiSii has officially started its operation in Bangladesh … it’s not We See”, its “You See”… “You See.

How come this is “You See”, it should be “We see” Forget it, it doesn’t matter at all. See, You See, Anything will be OK! In our country, UiiSii is already popular In our country UiiSii is already popular, Specially in Budget Category.   But there was no Warranty or Guaranty which we will be able to get now Motion View is the official Distributor of UiiSii Products Last week was their Launching Event Thanks Motion View and Motion View for Inviting Tech to the Point! Let’s have a look at the launching event…       We Received 2 Gaming Earphones from Uiisii. Let us start with BN-90 As you can see this is a Bluetooth earphone But This earphone is very premium. No doubt about that. Each earphone has 4 drivers in it. 2 Dynamic Don’t know why this is hanging like this… Ah! You are wearing this in the wrong way! Isn’t it this way? ver & two Balanced Armature, As a result, it can deliver superior sound quality. It has CSR Bluetooth chips which are very stable so there are no possibilities of losing sound quality. Best Gaming Earphone UiiSii BN90 & CM8 2023.

 It has a double battery to ensure 20 hours of music playback It is too lightweight so I did not feel any irritation even after It fits my ear nicely and the noise isolation is superior. To be a gaming earphone, the most important thing is a good microphone. I will give 10 on 10 for the microphone used. the microphone used MEMS technology So it can deliver high-quality sound quality. Let’s have a look at the most important part: “Sound Quality” The sound stage is perfect for bass lovers. The bass is deep & punchy. Sub-bass and mid-bass are very noticeable and in some tracks, I have found Thumping bass which is very rear in this price point It also has good mid and highs. Considering all, I can give it 9 out of 10. But I think it would have been better if it also has a magnetic connection between two buds. the earphones would have been more secure However nothing is perfect in this world, and this is only an earphone.

 What do you think? Let’s talk about CM-8 The design is very unique. The housing is clear material so you can see everything. It is very nice to see and very fashionable. I like the detachable cable. You can easily replace the cable once it damages so you can save your precious earphone. It has a triple driver. One is a dynamic driver another two are the balanced armature. It is high res certified so you will enjoy the superior sound quality. it is very lightweight and compact so very comfortable. Gold plated 3.5 mm jack is L shaped so there is very little chance to be damaged. It also has a very powerful microphone like BN-90 so the call quality is very precise. The build quality is very premium so you can easily understand that this is durable. Let’s talk about sound quality. Best Gaming Earphone UiiSii BN90 & CM8 2020.

 I would say the sound quality is balanced. I mean I can not tell this either bass-heavy or V-shaped. Middle of both of these two. Bass is sufficient but that is not extreme. And the vocal is loud and clear, considering all, this is a nice package. The only cons I found is the over-the-ear design. I am personally not a big fan of this design. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable while wearing it in the ear. At least for me. One more thing I would like to add the fact that I was expecting better noise isolation from it. Considering all, I can give 8 out of 10.Best Gaming Earphone UiiSii BN90 & CM8 2023.                                   

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