how to boost your Facebook page 2023

 Lord Barnabas here, my duckling friends, and today we’re going to investigate something called social media using a website called Facebook. None of this makes any sense to me but it appears to make sense to my boffin friend Tim, who’s telling me you can gather tens of thousands of people to your cause without seeing any of the faces at all. Simply by using your little thumbs to text and your little fingers to type you’ll be able to do this for yourself.

Here it is in video form! Take it away boffin friend, Tim. Today I want to talk about Facebook and in particular, how to do Facebook promote the page. The idea here is to gather lots of people, thousands of people, who are fans of your business and interested in the products and services that you sell. It’s sort of about gathering your friends, gathering your tribe, gathering your clients. So how do you do this inexpensively? You do something called Facebook to promote the page. But it’s not necessarily immediately obvious. Here we are at my page and you see I’ve got about ten thousand eight hundred people here. But until recently I only had about six and a half thousand and that changed in the course of around about two weeks. So specifically how did I do that? So let’s go here to insights and see what’s happening behind the scenes. And I’m going to click this button here that says likes that really show you this story. What you can see here is the number of new clients, I should say new likes, that I was gathering over the course of time. We’ll scroll down and see some more detail. So you can see here from June until July which is where we are now, I was gathering this huge mountain person. Roundabout 200 people a day for a two week period.

You can see here I went from six and a half thousand to about ten thousand eight hundred which is where I’mat right about now. So what exactly did I do? Well, I ran something called a Facebookpromote page. So to do that we go back to the page and we look for this button here that says “promote your page.” Now when I click on that it brings up this advertising option box. And you can see that it’s split into the desktop, a news feed, mobile, and right column. Basically what that means is it will show the ad this way on a desktop, and you can see it makes use of my big header. You can see it’ll show it this way on a cell phone and it’ll show it this way as a teensy weensy little one on the right-hand side column. So I left it as doing all of those three things. No problem. Over here I start to set the features.

 What location? Well, I left this worldwide and the reason is that as soon as you change that it becomes a way a smaller number of people, and since I have a worldwide audience that fine. So, for example, you can see here that it wants to start off at 20 dollars per day and that’ll get me between 133 and 533 likes on that day. But if we put in here, for example, the United States and its order completing for me – Bam! That goes down to 17 to 66. Wow, that’s lots less. So I left that as a worldwide audience. In fact, I wonder if I can write worldwide… No, it doesn’t let me do that. So it’s- I’ll leave it there. The next thing is interests and it asks me to put in four or ten interests of the sorts of clients thatI’m looking for. So, for example, I would naturally type in CEO, I like CEO founder, CEO presidents because I work a lot o with CEOs. How about entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is good, social entrepreneurship is good. I work a lot with authors. I work a lot with writers, I work a lot with creatives and artists and you can see you could sort of keep adding. And what’s happened down h; ere now is this has responded by telling me that it’s down to 120 to 489 likes per day. And so it’s going to go and find specific people who have an interest in those particular topics and those are the sort of people who should be involved in my business.

Down here you can see do I run this continuously, do I run it for seven days, so I’m pretty much setting my budget there as I do this. I’d hit “promote page” and bam, this ad would be live. And all I can say is that the results really speak for themselves as you see I went from six and a half thousand to over ten thousand in the course of two weeks. Now there is another website that I just want to mention that does this kind of work and that website is You can see I’ve got a lot of videos on this particular one. And if you type in here, for example, Facebook likes or even Facebook fans it’ll come up with a lot of gigs that show you how to get fans. You can see quite a lot of fans for only five dollars. You can see here I will deliver two thousand plus Facebook page likes. But I just want to caution you here because if something looks a little bit too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. And while I’ve experimented with this year ago I found that those fans don’t appear to be very engaging. They appear to be just sort of random humans. Whereas when I work within the Casebook system, Facebook’salgorithm is finding people who are matched to the particular interests so that’s really the way I highly recommend. And that is what you need to do to do a Facebook promotion page.I highly recommend it. Get stuck in, and as always let me know how it goes. And so we are done for one more video. They make absolutely no sense to me but hopefully, you’ve learned something useful.

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