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Technology has made us dependent on it in our daily lives. Technology has overwhelmed us with everything from the simplest mobile software to the invention of gigantic devices.
Those of us who use the internet must know about websites. All the websites we browse from mobile or computer are created by web developers. These web developers have brought new variety to our lives by creating new web designs and websites.
Nowadays web designers and web developers are earning huge amounts of foreign currency. Therefore, web design and website development has also emerged as a respectable profession in the world. Any normal person will find the world of web development very difficult. The web developer profession may also seem like a risky new profession to many.


How to learn web development?

You may already have a clear idea of what programming languages to learn when learning web development. In the later parts of this article, I will now discuss in detail how and where to learn web development.
Many of you might be looking for an easy way to learn web development online. But sadly, there is no magic mantra or course to learn web development very easily. Learning web development means learning a variety of programming languages. You must know that there is no magic spell or shortcut to learning a programming language yet. But if you are patient and follow the below steps you can become a good quality web developer in a few days without any magic spells.
Web Development Guidelines
To become a web developer you need a specific guideline. You need to check the internet and books to get web development guidelines.
To become a skilled web developer, you must know several programming languages.
Knowing all or most of the programming languages in our list below will make you an experienced web developer in the global job market.
How many types of web development can be divided?

Since the scope of web development is wide, there are also variations in its tasks. According to the type of work, web development can be broadly divided into three categories.
These are:
Client Side Coding (Front End)
Server-Side Coding (Back End)
Database technology
Now, we will have a rough idea about these three parts of web development. Let’s find out.

Client-side scripting refers to the user’s end of the website. It is sometimes called front-end development. Client-side or front-end development refers to things that we the users are directly involved with.
These include website layout, fonts, colors, menus, contact forms, etc. The things that the website user or users will see or not see on the website mainly depend on this client-side code.

What goes on inside or behind the scenes of any website is called server-side scripting. Server-side scripting is sometimes called back-end development. This back end is an essential part of a website. But users of the website do not see it.
The server side is fully responsible for keeping the data and information inside the website properly stored and organized and running everything smoothly on the client or user side.
When we enter information in a form in a web browser, it immediately goes to the server side. The server side verifies it and sends it back to the client side. This is how a website works.

Databases and related technologies
The importance of a database in running any website cannot be denied. The good or bad of a website often depends on the database. In these databases of the website, all the files are stored or saved to manage a website properly. This database is connected to a server. Most of our websites use relational database management systems.

Web Development Careers
By reading the previous part of this article, you may have learned that learning web development means learning programming languages and web designing. Learning web development requires you to master some popular programming languages.
In this part of the article, we will discuss in detail how to learn web development and what programming languages to learn.

What does it take to learn web development?
To learn web development first of all you need your own computer or laptop device. So make arrangements to purchase it in the beginning.
Next, learning web development will require a lot of patience, energy, and focus.
You should have a lot of interest in learning any job including web development. So interest should be increased in learning web development.
You should have enough time on your hands to start the web development work. Because web development is a very sensitive subject.
Before web development, you should have a light idea about web design. So get a rough idea about Adobe Photoshop beforehand.
In learning web development, even if you don’t know English very well, you must know it fairly. So learn basic English.
Since web development is a programming language, it requires creative thinking. It will be easy to work if you have good creative thinking power.
Before learning web development, you need to install some important software on your desktop or laptop. NotePad++ and Adobe Dreamweaver are among them. So install them first.

Which programming language to learn for web development?
Choosing a programming language is very important in learning web development. In this part of the article, we will discuss in detail which programming language to learn for web development.

Learning PHP is much more useful than HTML when it comes to running dynamic websites You must learn PHP to make any website you create dynamic or functional.
In the above part of this article, we have discussed about dynamic websites. Demand for dynamic websites is always higher than for static websites. Generally, the more dynamic the website is, the higher the demand for the website or theme. So for creating a dynamic website, you must emphasize PHP language.

If you want to learn the work of web development but have not heard the name of WordPress, it cannot happen. Who does not know the name of WordPress? WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management) software in the world today. Today, about 70% of the world’s most popular websites are built using WordPress.
For this reason, besides knowing other programming languages, you must know WordPress well. It won’t take you much time to learn WordPress if you learn the programming language topics mentioned in the previous part of our article.

The name Git is well known all over the world for updating the version of a website or software. Git is a software version control system. Creating any website or software does not end its work. It needs to be updated regularly to keep it more popular and running smoothly.
You must learn GIT to keep the version of your website updated. Even if you sell a website you have created, you can provide regular updates of that website to future clients through Git.
No matter how well you build your website, people cannot trust any software or website without updates. So you must learn Git to do some advanced-level web development work and keep the website always updated.

UI or UX
Many of us may have heard the name UI or UX What kind of thing is this UI or UX? Designing a complete website is the job of UI. If you want to be a good web designer, you must know UI.
Without a good understanding of this UI, you will never be able to show your creativity by creating different types of website designs yourself. If you want to become a full-stack web developer, you must have a clear understanding of UI.

You may be wondering why a web developer should learn SEO. However, a web developer does not need to know the advanced topics of search engine optimization or SEO but must have an understanding of the basics. While creating a website, different types of tags or elements that are suitable for search engine optimization have to be created.
At the time of creating a website, especially where the website will have Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 tags and in which HTML part the correct schema should be used, the website will not be search engine optimized.
If the website is not optimized for search engines, your client will not be able to benefit by creating a website. So a web developer should also focus on learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Apart from learning SEO, knowing Photoshop is very important to become a good web designer or web developer. Web developers sometimes need to design a website logo to design a website. In that case, you cannot design a logo without knowing the basics of Photoshop.
As a result, you cannot become an experienced web developer. Moreover, our clients usually design their websites in Photoshop first. Then bring in a web developer to build the site. In this case, proper knowledge of Photoshop is required to separate the website element from this Photoshop image.

The future of web development
There is no beginning or end to the world of the Internet. A website is also a place that has a beginning but no end. So there is a lot of potential in the work of website development!
Various popular marketplaces are currently developed all over the world. Among these are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiver, etc. Popular online marketplace Odesk almost always has thousands of web development jobs.
Freelancer has more than 20 thousand open jobs. Average hourly rates for their projects range from $25 to $150. Later this rate is only increasing. If you see the growth of work, you can understand how much the demand for work is increasing. I hope you understand how the future of the career can be!
Web development is one of the most demanding professions in the world today If you read this article from the beginning to the end, you may already know everything about web development.

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